Modern machinery park

We operate based on a modern machinery park, thanks to which we are able to fill aerosol containers with diameters from 35mm, 45mm, 52mm, 65mm in capacities from 50 to 750ml, both aluminum and steel.

Professional support

Thanks to cooperation with leading suppliers both at home and abroad, we support clients in the selection of appropriate packaging for their products (containers, valves, applicators).

We also manufacture using BoV (Bag on Valve).


A wide range of propellants

We offer a wide range of propellant gases: propane-butane, propane, CO2, DME, nitrogen. We have 12 gas tanks, each with a capacity of 6,400 liters.

Aging tests

We conduct aging tests that allow to determine for 3 months the processes that take place in the aerosol within 3 years.

Our own recipes

We have our own recipes, but also fill the products based on the supplied batches.

Legal assistance

We indicate to clients the information required by law, which should be applied to the packaging, in addition we can offer translations.

Translations of safety data sheets

We provide safety data sheets translated into 22 languages, taking into account not only the European Union but also the separate regulations of the countries to which the products are to be directed.

We work with graphic studies

We work with graphic studies that we can recommend to help with packaging design.